Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


General questions

Can I get even more space?
What is the maximum size of files stored on SURFdrive?
What is the maximum filename length for files stored on SURFdrive?
I work with Linux. Can I also use SURFdrive?
I work at multiple institutions. How can I make the best use of SURFdrive?
I am switching institutions. Can I transfer the data on my SURFdrive account?
Can file uploads time out?
Does SURFdrive use version control, and how is this implemented?
When is maintenance of SURFdrive conducted?
How can I stay up to date on maintenance of SURFdrive?
Can I also access my files via the WebDAV protocol?
I have a question that is not listed in the FAQ. How do I contact you?

Logging in to SURFdrive

I can't select my institution from the login screen. How come?
After logging in, I get a "403 - Forbidden" message. How come?
The message ‘authentication error’ is being displayed on SURFdrive. How come?
My e-mail address in the desktop client seems to be incorrect. How come?
My virus scanner reports that the desktop client contains a virus! What do I do?
I am unable to log in. I receive the message: 'Server replied: Internal Server Error'. What should I do?

Synchronising files

I would like to synchronize all my files in SURFdrive with my computer. How do I do that?
Why would I want to use a desktop client?
What steps do I have to take when downloading a new desktop client?
Which operating systems/browsers are supported and which versions are supported?
How can I choose which folders to synchronise with my computer?
Can I easily transfer files to SURFdrive that are currently stored in a commercial personal cloud storage service?
I do not want to sync folders that exceed a certain size. How can I set this up?
How do I get access to my files on my phone/tablet?
Can I upload photos from my camera (on my phone) automatically?
Can I view, edit and save documents on my phone or tablet?
Whoops, I've accidentally deleted/overwritten a file. Can I get it back?
How do I permanently delete a file or folder?
Can I also change my synchronisation folder?

Sharing files

How do I share a file or folder with another SURFdrive user?
How do I find another SURFdrive user?
Can I download an entire folder or multiple files from SURFdrive in one go?
How do I see which files I already share and with whom?
How do I see who shared a file or folder with me?
How do I stop sharing a file or folder?
What happens if a file or folder I shared with another user, is deleted by that user?
Can I work on a document (locally) at the same time as someone else?
Can I also share a SURFdrive folder with a group, e.g. my department or project group?
Can I also share files with guest users/external parties?
How do I share a file or folder with guest users/external parties?
Can someone who doesn't have a SURFdrive account edit my shared file?
I want others to upload files to me without them being able to see each other's files, for example to have students submit reports.

Secure data storage

Why is SURFdrive more secure than other cloud storage services?
Why do I often need to log in again?
Is it possible to encrypt my files in SURFdrive?
How long are the data on SURFdrive stored after being deleted?
Can I also store private files on SURFdrive?
What options do I have to make sharing a link even more secure?
What is the difference between sharing a public link in SURFdrive and a commercial personal cloud storage service?


Who is responsible for the processing of my personal data within SURFdrive?
Which personal data does SURFdrive process?
How long do you store my personal data?
Who has access to my personal data?
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