Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


General questions

Can I get even more space?
What is the maximum size of files stored on SURFdrive?
What is the maximum filename length for files stored on SURFdrive?
I work with Linux. Can I also use SURFdrive?
I work at multiple institutions. How can I make the best use of SURFdrive?
I am switching institutions. Can I transfer the data on my SURFdrive account?
Can file uploads time out?
Does SURFdrive use version control, and how is this implemented?
When is maintenance of SURFdrive conducted?
How can I stay up to date on maintenance of SURFdrive?
Can I also access my files via the WebDAV protocol?
I have a question that is not listed in the FAQ. How do I contact you?

Logging in to SURFdrive

I can't select my institution from the login screen. How come?
After logging in, I get a "403 - Forbidden" message. How come?
The message ‘authentication error’ is being displayed on SURFdrive. How come?
My e-mail address in the desktop client seems to be incorrect. How come?
My virus scanner reports that the desktop client contains a virus! What do I do?
I am unable to log in. I receive the message: 'Server replied: Internal Server Error'. What should I do?

Synchronising files

I would like to synchronize all my files in SURFdrive with my computer. How do I do that?
Why would I want to use a desktop client?
What steps do I have to take when downloading a new desktop client?
Which operating systems/browsers are supported and which versions are supported?
How can I choose which folders to synchronise with my computer?
Can I easily transfer files to SURFdrive that are currently stored in a commercial personal cloud storage service?
I do not want to sync folders that exceed a certain size. How can I set this up?
How do I get access to my files on my phone/tablet?
Can I upload photos from my camera (on my phone) automatically?
Can I view, edit and save documents on my phone or tablet?
Whoops, I've accidentally deleted/overwritten a file. Can I get it back?
How do I permanently delete a file or folder?
Can I also change my synchronisation folder?

Sharing files

How do I share a file or folder with another SURFdrive user?
How do I find another SURFdrive user?
Can I download an entire folder or multiple files from SURFdrive in one go?
How do I see which files I already share and with whom?
How do I see who shared a file or folder with me?
How do I stop sharing a file or folder?
What happens if a file or folder I shared with another user, is deleted by that user?
Can I work on a document (locally) at the same time as someone else?
Can I also share a SURFdrive folder with a group, e.g. my department or project group?
Can I also share files with guest users/external parties?
How do I share a file or folder with guest users/external parties?
Can someone who doesn't have a SURFdrive account edit my shared file?

Secure data storage

Why is SURFdrive more secure than other cloud storage services?
Why do I often need to log in again?
Is it possible to encrypt my files in SURFdrive?
How long are the data on SURFdrive stored after being deleted?
Can I also store private files on SURFdrive?
What options do I have to make sharing a link even more secure?
What is the difference between sharing a public link in SURFdrive and a commercial personal cloud storage service?
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