Updates to SURFdrive

17 NOV 2017

Listen to music, create groups, upload anonymous files and much more besides – SURFdrive will gain a whole host of new features on 12 December, when the SURFdrive server software is upgraded to ownCloud 10. SURFdrive will therefore be offline for a few hours. Read about the new features below.

Upload anonymous files

Using the Files Drop function, you can create a folder to receive anonymous uploads. Users with whom you share the link will be able to place files in this folder. They will only see their own files and not those uploaded by other users, meaning they cannot overwrite files belonging to anyone else. There are many possible uses for this, with one such use being that a lecturer could share a folder with their class allowing students to hand in reports.

No longer delete other users' files

The default access rights to shared files and folders are being reduced. This means that by default, another user will no longer be able to edit or delete data that you have shared with them.

If you share data with another user, they currently receive full read, write and delete access rights (unless you block it yourself). After the upgrade, other users will be given read access only when you share files or folders, meaning they can no longer amend or delete your files. If you wish other users to be able to edit or delete them, you need to adjust the settings as shown below:

You can allow files or folders to be edited or deleted by ticking the relevant boxes.

Note: this only applies to files and folders you share after the upgrade has taken place. For data already shared, the old access rights remain in place. You can adjust these access rights using the same checkboxes as referred to above.

Share data with groups of users

If you wish to share new folders or files with the same group on a regular basis, you currently have to select each member of the group individually every time. After the upgrade you will be able to create groups, which will allow you to share files or folders with all group members at the same time.

Move and copy files in your browser

After the upgrade you will also be able to move and copy files using the web interface.

Listen to audio files from your browser

If you open audio files in your account via the website, you will be able to play them directly in your browser in future. At present, you first have to download them to your computer. This option has been available for videos for some time. In addition, SURFdrive will offer a music app allowing you to create – and listen to – a playlist from audio files stored in your account.

What do you need to do?

  • If you are using the most recent version of the SURFdrive software (2.3.1), you need not do anything – the new features will be available directly after the upgrade.
  • If you are using an older version, you should update it as it will not work after the upgrade. If your organisation manages your computer for you, this is already taken care of. The latest versions of the desktop software and apps can be found on our downloads page.
  • If you use WebDAV, you will need to create a new password.

The upgrade will take place on 12 December at 6pm, and will last until midnight at the latest. SURFdrive will be unavailable during this period and as such, you will not be able to synchronise files. You will be able to enjoy the latest features once the upgrade has been completed.

Latest modifications 12 Dec 2017