SURFdrive is now even more secure with OAuth

15 NOV 2018

From now on, logging into the SURFdrive application on your computer is done through your browser by using OAuth. This offers more security and other possibilities as well. Furthermore, you can now choose to sync multiple folders, and we've made other minor adjustments.

More security and more ease of use

You can now download the latest version of the SURFdrive application. We have incorporated OAuth, an open standard for authorisation processes, in this version. From now on, if you use the SURFdrive software on your computer, you log into your account via your usual (web) browser, instead of using the login window that was built into the SURFdrive software. The new method is more secure. Browsers are updated regularly, it is easier to check all the details of the SSL certificate of the login page, and you can choose which certificates you trust. Moreover, using a browser is easier. For example, you can use a (built-in) password manager, or log in with a security certificate instead of with a password.

Other improvements

In addition, you can now sync different folders on your computer with the SURFdrive. You are no longer restricted to having just 1 SURFdrive folder on your computer; you can, for example, add the computer folders "Pictures", "Documents" and "Movies" to the SURFdrive. Finally, we have also carried out a few minor improvements, such as bug fixes and adjustments to the icons.

Go ahead

If you are already using the software, you'll receive this update (version 2.4.3) automatically. You can also download the software (for Windows and MacOS) seperately.

Latest modifications 15 Nov 2018